Vasa City Art Hall, Vasa, Finland 20.03.04 - 08.04.04
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Friction is an exhibition with works of Jasper Budel (NL) and Markus Lerviks (FI) and took 
place from 20th of March until 11th of April. 

The works of Budel and Lerviks are manipulative and deceptive. They create an inner anxiety
by blending contradictory feelings; fear and compassion, sadness and irony. The exhibition 
consists out of installations and videos that maliciously confront the spectator and therefore 
have the exceptional quality to 'get under skin'. 
The exhibition materialises a 'field of friction' in the Vasa City Art Hall. Transforming the 
space into a mental map or itinerary in which the works are reciprocal to each other as well 
as to the visitor.        

Budel showed the installation Too sad to cry, which consists out four hundred seventy 
large, silkscreen-printed paper bags, and a video-installation. Its size is Leviathan and will 
yield the spectator to superior numbers. Yet the self-portraits on the bags and in the video 
are vulnerable, pitiful and defy cruelty in the same time. 

Lerviks showed three different works, two older video installations (easy pressure and 
"no-title") along with a new piece called "keep it clean". 
The installation consists of two monitors placed on a wall next to each other. The image in 
the first monitor is an ice-hockey goalkeeper trying to manage his given task. In the other 
monitor there are short sequences of a food-struggle within the bird kingdom. The installation 
deals with two extremes of control, the human in contrast to the animal nature. 

Friction marks the second collaboration between artists-run spaces Platform and MORGEN. 
In 2002 MORGEN participated with four artists in the performance festival MOPE02. 

Friction was sponsored by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Helsinki. 
Technical equipment was sponsored by: Multitronic, Digicomp and SYH (art department)